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The Olympian-endorsed strength routine you can do at home

The Olympian-endorsed strength routine you can do at home

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Want to do the same strength workout as Olympians? Here’s how

The Bowerman Track Club is one of the most elite track clubs in the world and two of their athletes have put out a video walking runners through their entire gym and core session.

Olympic triathlon champion-turned runner Gwen Jorgensen and Olympic steeplechaser Colleen Quigley show runners how they get fit off the track to be stronger on the track. The coolest part about their gym routine? It uses very minimal equipment and any equipment they do use, most people would already have.

Their strength routine places a lot of emphasis on stretching and range of motion as opposed to lifting heavy. Improving range of motion helps runners avoid injury while the strength portion can correct imbalances.

The Bowerman runners are in the gym three times a week, doing variations of the above workout each time. Grab your medicine ball, dumbbells and exercise ball and get strong with the ladies of the Bowerman Track Club.