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Exercise After Baby: Empower Your Return Like These Olympians

Exercise After Baby: Empower Your Return Like These Olympians

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For Melissa Bishop and Malindi Elmore running is their passion, and they’re fast. In fact, running is their job. 

Melissa is a two-time Canadian Olympian in the 800-meter event, and a world silver medalist at the 2015 World Athletics Championships. Malindi is a 2004 Canadian Olympian and a professional long-distance runner and triathlete.

Both are also mothers.

They needed guidance on re-strengthening their postpartum body to return to their passion and job with care.

As a pelvic health physical therapist (PT), I treat a lot of postpartum women who are physically active. My caseload is full of patients with bladder incontinence, urinary frequency, painful intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, chronic injuries, unresolved diastasis recti, and pelvic pain. 

All these symptoms directly relate to the pelvic floor: a neglected group of muscles important in a healthy return to sports and physical activity after giving birth.

When Melissa and Malindi first reached out to me, they were eager to return to training and competition. But they’ve heard cautionary tales from fellow runner moms who skipped over foundational steps in their return and costed them. 

I dedicate my practice to helping women rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor so postpartum parents can safely return to an active lifestyle, whether that’s international competition or going for that much-needed trail run.

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