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Why everyone should become a cross-country runner Cross-country is an event that many consider a race for elementary or high-school-aged kids. Some runners stick it out and trudge through the mud in their university years, but most retire their singlets come high school. If you’ve taken up running later in life or haven’t run cross-country in a long time, here’s why you should consider it as a part of your fall training plan. Photo: UNM Lobos It’s a team sport Cross-country is a

When to push through a tough session—and when not to. Even legendary runners struggle to determine when to bag a bad workout and when to press on. Former marathon world record holder Derek Clayton would run every repetition no matter what: “If I planned 15, I ran 15,” he said. In contrast, John Walker, who became the first sub-3:50-miler in 1975, would go home after one rep if he felt terrible. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle. These signs will

Many runners already spend hours on the road or trails every week. It is no surprise that one of the top questions I get when they are introduced to yoga is how to incorporate it into their tight running schedule. There are a number of ways that you can fit yoga into your running schedule. The key is not to think about it as “how to find time for yoga”, but to realize that as a runner you can’t afford not

Nike Run Club’s Head Coach Chris Bennett explains how running easy when you need to allows you to run hard when you want to. I didn’t plan for the run to suck. But it did. I was low on motivation. The winter in Oregon can have that effect on people. It basically drizzles for seven months straight. It’s not rain. It’s more like the clouds are aggressively spitting on you, every day, for months. And this late afternoon five-miler was looking

Original article link: Want to do the same strength workout as Olympians? Here's how The Bowerman Track Club is one of the most elite track clubs in the world and two of their athletes have put out a video walking runners through their entire gym and core session. Olympic triathlon champion-turned runner Gwen Jorgensen and Olympic steeplechaser Colleen Quigley show runners how they get fit off the track to be stronger on the track. The coolest part about their gym routine? It uses

Original article link: HIRURGGETTY IMAGES Planks are one of those exercises that make their way into almost any core workout. And when done the right way, they not only fire up your core, but muscles in your shoulders and legs too. With that said, there is some room for error when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck—improper form and timing can mess with its benefits. So how do you actually do a proper plank—and how long should you

Original article link: Hot and cold treatments are often used for offsetting the damage done on a run, but which method is best? THE WASHINGTON POST / GETTY IMAGES In the high heat of summer, it’s tempting to want to jump right in an ice cold bath after a long hot, run. The question is, what ice bath benefits can you reap? We’ve seen coaches and therapists use both hot and cold water therapies in the realm

Original article link: You’ve taken up running, and you love the idea of being a runner. You really enjoy it (most of the time), but somehow, you just can’t seem to make it out the door more than every couple of weeks. What to do? First, this issue is very common among new runners, and it usually means they’re trying to go either too far, or too fast (or both). Here are some tips for getting yourself to a

Original article link: Mental health is just as important as physical health when training for a sport. Four factors contribute to this health: mental, emotional, social and meta-mental (reflection, discussion). Each factor works together with the rest to influence performance in sport, exercise, and physical activity. Before we talk further about mental skills training ask yourself the following questions: Do you have trouble staying motivated?Do you struggle with your confidence or your belief in yourself?Do you find it

Whether you’re planning to run a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon, these expert-backed rules will keep you fit and injury-free. Original article link: Determining your weekly mileage during race training is a delicate balance: You want to run enough miles to physically prepare your body without running so much that you end up overtaxing yourself and toeing the starting line spent—or worse, injured. It’s also individualized as it depends on your speed, strength, experience, base, and goals. Unfortunately, there’s no