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One competitive runner’s quest to stop hating virtual runs by finding events doing things differently. Amidst COVID-19, with big races like the Boston Marathon and the Brooklyn Half off the schedule for 2020, virtual racing seems like the only option runners will have for the foreseeable future. While everything has gone virtual since March, the idea of running a solo time trial just hasn’t appealed to the racer in me, one who thrives on chasing down runners in the final stretch of the race. However, when I received an

Running is a fantastic exercise that is easily accessible to a wide array of people. Its requirements are simple: Lace up your shoes, and head out the door. Unfortunately, a startlingly high percentage—up to 65%—of runners are affected by injury every year. Fortunately, many of these injuries are easily preventable. Though it requires a small investment of time beyond what you spend running, the benefits are well worth the effort. At the most basic level, injury prevention means that we’re preventing injuries

It may be tough to get up and go for a run. But most of the time, you’ll be more pleased and satisfied with yourself if you get up and do it. Think about the reasons you want to run in the first place. Ask yourself if running is something you enjoy, since you’ll be more likely to drum up the motivation for an activity you truly want to do. It’s easy to come up with excuses to avoid something, but the

"I'm in a two-day rugby tournament. I need food help!" "This weekend, I'm riding in a 100-mile bike event. What should I eat the day before?" "For a charity fundraiser, I'm participating in a 24-hour aerobathon. How can I avoid hitting the wall?" If you have looming in the near future an endurance event—century bike ride, marathon, or any other competition that will tax your endurance—you may be concerned about the best nutritional preparations. The good news is, even if your training is over,

A few tweaks to your routine can make a huge difference. Micaiah Carter. Wardrobe Styling by Yuiko Ikebata. Makeup by Deanna Melluso. Hair by Jerome Cultrera. Nothing gets in the way of a good run like pain. Pain can be acute and stop you right in your tracks or it can be chronic, starting small and gradually getting worse over time without completely going away. The last thing any runner wants or needs is an injury. Unfortunately, running-related injuries are common in runners of

Many turn to cardio when they want to lose weight. While it’s a doable solution, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. There’s a wide variety of opinions floating around online on the topic, so I’m here to make it easier for you.  My guide on how to lose weight running helps you determine what you need to reach your goals. Let’s run. Benefits Of Running It’s extremely popular worldwide. Nearly 60 million in the United States participated in running in 2017. Whether you’re running in

In an ocean of bad stuff, here's some worthwhile reading. Quick reviews of three new books on diet and nutrition. Each offers something slightly different, but I think you'll detect some underlying commonalities. All are interesting and worth a look. 1. Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us, by Matt Fitzgerald Fitzgerald is a prolific nutrition and fitness writer, probably best known for his books on getting

By reading this, I hope you, the reader-runner, can better understand why and how your favourite races are making decisions. Moreover, I am hopeful our industry can recover from this global health crisis and be stronger than ever. Thank you for reading, keep running and be well. If you have been running for any length of time, you have probably suffered an injury.  What is happening now to the global race industry is the equivalent of having a myriad of injuries including ITBS