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How the Canadian champion transitions from goal race to a new season The fall racing season has come to a close, and now we’re entering the off-season. As runners come back from their much-needed down time, it can be confusing as to what kind of training you should be doing and how often you should be doing it. Trevor Hofbauer wins 2019 Canadian Marathon Championships. Photo: Maxine Gravina Trevor Hofbauer was the 2019 Canadian Marathon Champion, and he says that returning to training after

Coach Jenny, I have been running for 20 years and participating in a number of runs annually for the last 10 years or so. I will be running my second half-marathon in May and will start training for that in February. But I am not sure what my training should consist of in the off season. I have been running, but haven't been doing any tempo runs, intervals or much speed work. What would an off season training schedule consist

Greater Vancouver or the lower mainland, as it is often referred to, is a hotbed of Canadian distance running. There are several robust run clubs and competitive training groups located throughout the area. Some are well-established and others fairly new. The surroundings for distance training is rich, with the lush North Shore and Coastal Mountains, a plethora of forested trails, parks, and pathways near water – it’s a temperate paradise most months of the year. For clubs, there are the Lions Gate

The majority of injuries for runners are an extension of improper nutrition. Yes, you heard that right. Even when they appear to be related to a specific trauma or overuse, in a lot of instances a solid nutritional program could have provided the support necessary to minimize or even prevent them, says orthopedic physical therapist Sinead Fitzgibbon. No matter how much training you do, it’s only as good as the nutrition you have to support it. Zero in on these four power players to

Advice for Braving the Elements and Running Strong All Winter Long Cold weather doesn't have to put an end to your outdoor running. But running safely in winter takes a little planning to make sure you're dressed right and have the right gear to run safely in the dark. Here are seven things you need to do to run comfortably—and happily—all winter long: Wear base layers and tuck them in. If it’s below freezing, you are going to want to wear two base layers. Make sure they

Introducing Saucony's latest shoe, the new and very improved Triumph 17 The Saucony Triumph is one of the brand’s most popular shoes–and it’s been given some high-end upgrades. The Triumph 17 is quite different from its previous iterations, but despite a lot of change, it runs better than ever. The latest shoe from Saucony is building on years of experience to bring the runner the ideal ride. To clear one thing up, the ISO 5 was the last model of the Triumph–in

ASICS spent US$28 million to acquire London, Ontario-based Race Roster, an onboarding platform used by races across the world to help runners register for their races. The deal, which was announced yesterday, crystallizes a transformative moment not only for Race Roster, but for participants in our sport: ASICS will now have opportunities to work with events that currently are without shoes sponsors on training programs, community building, and, yes, trials of new sneakers and gear. iRun’s editor Ben Kaplan spoke

Elites swear by it, but so far the data on the race fuel is still lacking Despite a distinct lack of scientific evidence to support it, Maurten continues to be surrounded with mystique as the official fuelling product of choice for top-flight marathoners like Eliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele and Geoffrey Kamworor (who will without a doubt be using it on the course at Sunday’s TCS New York City Marathon). Running a marathon in two hours and change requires an athlete like Kipchoge to take in around 100

One of the most common training questions I get about my career is how I maintained and developed speed for distance running. In this post, I wanted to share a few insights that I gleaned during my career as a miler. Use it or lose it. I’ve always liked mixing in a few short reps at the end of a workout to finish on a fast pace on already tired legs. For example, 4 x 100m or 4 x 200m with 60

Words and images by: Stephen Kersh Amidst a gaggle of runner-centric tattoos stampeding through another dang marathon-specific workout on Lake Mary Road in Flagstaff, Arizona, a red maple leaf flashes bright as it continues on its perpetual journey on Rory Linkletter’s thigh. Over and over, round and round, his legs swing on a path of forward momentum towards the next mile split as he’s tucked in amongst his teammates. And as they eat up ground, in sync with teammates touting personal-bests in the