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February 2020

Time to flip your perspective on the "dreadmill." We’re in the midst of what many runners think of as “dreadmill season.” The holidays have passed but it’s still freezing in many parts of the country and you’re yearning to break out your shorts and tanks, breathe in the crisp, warming air, and perhaps run through a field of flowers in bloom. Or at least, not be using your running shoes as ice skates as you slip and slide your way around

Best nutrition practices brought to you by the pros Staying healthy is one of the biggest challenges in running, and one way to improve your odds is through good nutrition practices. Professional runners take their time with the little things, and this includes their nutrition. If you’re looking for easy ways you can improve your dietary habits, pro runners’ Instagram pages are a good place to start. Obviously, nutrition is extremely personal, but for general guidelines, here are a few rules that